Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Season of Becoming

“There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming.”
Shauna Niequist -Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way.

There were chills up and down my arms when I read this for the first time. I stopped and realized...I finally have the words to describe what this YAGM year is doing to me. 


You might ask…becoming what? To be honest, I am not 100 percent sure the exact person that I am going to become by the end of this journey, but I’m okay with that. (See, I’m becoming a person who lives in the present!)  I am confident that this season of becoming was a part of God’s plan for me all along. These past 6 months have shaped me into becoming a woman with more confidence, optimism, trust, grace and all around happiness.

I couldn’t be more thankful for this season of my life. I trust that God and this YAGM experience will help me to become a better version of myself and citizen of HIS world!


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