Monday, June 9, 2014

Dates with Dodo

It’s Sunday, and I’m sitting on my front porch catching up on letter writing and journal entries.  Like clockwork, at 1 pm, my gate opens and my afternoon date has arrived.  Dodo, my 6-year-old friend, skips up my front lawn with a big ole smile on her face. We greet each other with big grins and we giggle..

Shortly after she arrives Dodo begins to communicate - with expressive hand gestures - what she wants to do for the afternoon. Last week we spent the day swinging in the hammock reading and today she wanted to color so I grabbed the coloring book in my house and sat next to her continuing my writings as she begins to bring color to the page.

Outside of our initial greeting, most of our time was spent in silence. Whether Dodo is with me for 30 minutes or a couple of hours - each quiet moment with her has taught me more and more about the importance of solidarity and the powerful ministry of presence.  I realize that I may spend my mornings in church, but I see and feel God in such a meaningful way during these precious Dates with Dodo.

              Be still, and know that I am God...Psalm 46.10


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