Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hello from Masealama!

I am not sure when I learned this, but at some point in time I learned that sometimes the best way to confront a big challenge is to set a series of smaller goals. I would be a big liar if I said that living in rural South Africa , by myself,  wasn’t a challenge. When I feel overwhelmed I have to take things one step at a time. With this knowledge about myself,  I have started to make a list of goals that I would like to accomplish throughout my time here in South Africa.    So why am I sharing these goals with you? I am hoping that by posting my goals it will  hold me more accountable, and give you a little idea of some of the things that I do here.


A smile from Adolph-   My first day at the crèche if I said that I was feeling overwhelmed that would have been somewhat of an understatement.  The kids were all over the place and I had no idea what was going on.  I was actually scared of the kids and their excitement around me.  When everything started to settle a bit, I was immediately calmed by and drawn to a little boy sitting by himself. He was gazing into space and not interacting with any of the other children. This little boy is Adolph.  I went over to the sweet boy and made some funny face to try and get him to smile. He kept that frown on his face. Everyday I would see him sitting there, not interacting much with the others, just looking so sad. I decided that this boy needs some smiles in his life. I  worked very hard at this, and after many days finally figured out a number of funny faces to get this little boy to show his pearly whites.   Since that day, I have made it my goal to not leave the crèche until I see Adolph smile at least once.  I am happy to say that Adolph now smiles each day when he sees me in the morning!


Journal- While I wish I could say that I have an unbelievable memory, I am my mother’s daughter and I do sometimes forget things. It is my goal while I am here to document the things that I am doing, but more importantly how I am feeling. I hope that I can do this daily, but if not, at least catch up with it by Sundays.

Read Scripture- I am happy to say that this is one goal that I have kept up with. I read Jesus Calling every morning, and before I go to bed I find myself flipping through the bible referring to scripture.  These readings have been a continual source of  encouragement and strength over these past two months.

Eat Healthy- Cooking for one is not a motivating situation, and being a guest in a community means I am being FED ALL THE TIME.  I wish I could say that all the porridge and bread that they are feeding me won’t go straight to my butt, butt the reality is that it will!

Stay Active- As much as I wish the carbs would just burn themselves off, they wont. Surprisingly I don’t move as much as I thought that I would here so I need to get a bit creative in motivating myself in the limited surroundings ... even run around my house if I have to.


Write 3 letters a week- I want to keep in touch with as many people at home as possible, but with no internet and phone reception it makes that very difficult. Snail mail seems like the best remedy to this situation.   Although mail may take a while ... feel free to write me if you'd like.   I'd love to hear from you!
Kelly Mack
P.O. Box 938
South Africa


Read at least a book or two a month- I have never been much of a reader, except for when it came to schoolwork. This is one thing that I hope to change about myself.   I feel the joy of reading coming on….You will be happy to know that the first month has been a success!

By the time I leave

Carry a baby on my back while carrying water on my head- I have been told on multiple occasions that this is what a “True African Woman” does. I can’t leave here without experiencing that one.

Learn Sepedi- For those of you who know me, you know that language has never been a strength of mine. I am reminded of this everyday that I am here. I hope by the time I head for home that I feel confidence while trying to communicate… or at least more confident than I am now!

See a monkey in my backyard- This is actually more of a life goal! My obsession with monkeys has become more apparent since arriving here. I keep my eyes peeled for them wherever I go. I have been told that when it gets warmer the monkeys will come and hang out in my backyard.  :)
I will wait for them - and they will be my friends! :)

I know that some of these goals may be difficult for me accomplish all the time, but I pray that I can give myself enough GRACE SPACE to start fresh the next day!




  1. Hi Kelly -

    O kae?

    Ohh Kell, Can't get enough of Adolph!!! Please keep sending pictures of these precious kids and their smiles! ke a leboga!

    We are in awe of all the colorful clothes and the contrast of their clothing with the sandy landscape.

    We Ke a go rata!!

    Mom and Dad

  2. I absolutely love these goals and hearing about your time there! Thank you for your beauutiful writing Kel. Save all these and put them into a book when you get back. You are a gifted writer :) You are a blessing <3