Monday, October 14, 2013


“Journey well.”     “Have a safe journey.”       These are two VERY common phrases that I hear from the people as I am about to say goodbye.   I hear this both from people I have just met, as well as those I see every day.  To be honest, it caught me off guard the first couple of times, especially from those I knew I was going to see the next day. In my head I would think “I’m just going home, sleeping and coming back here tomorrow. It’s really not much of a journey!”

As the days pass, I have find myself continually pondering on  this term journey and what really defines it.  Before arriving in SA I would have explained a journey as a long trek or an extended experience.  And now, as I reflect on my daily life, I have come to refine its meaning.  Walking home or going to the grocery store in Masealama may not seem special, but it is PART of my journey - My journey of life.

I have come to embrace these parting words…  They make me excited, and I feel like life is just one big adventure no matter what I’m doing!  - And it is!

Journey well my friends,


“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”     Psalm 119:105 

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