Thursday, January 16, 2014

Monkey Girl


One day I was at my house making lunch when there was a knock at my door. When I answered, there were 3 boys standing there not having much to say. They just stared at me and giggled. Now I see these boys everyday and they usually have something to say. :)  Earlier in the day I had been hanging in my hammock, and I thought that maybe they came over wanting to hang in it.  So I said "hammock?" and "swing?" many times until one of the boys whispered into the another boy’s ear and they giggled. The boy yelled “MONKEY” and they laughed at the expression on my face. My face dropped, I squealed and ran to get my camera.

I followed these little boys to a tree about 3 minutes from my house. There we found about 10 boys climbing trees yelling “monkey” and “tshwene”.  I looked up high in the tree and there it was; a little black and white monkey perched at the top. Every once in a while it would hop branches and we would all run around the tree to get a better view. We all hung out for about 2 hours around that tree and it was one of the most special times here in Masealama - Not because I saw a monkey, but because I felt like I had developed a bond with these boys.   They knew I loved monkeys and they didn’t want me to miss it!

Haven’t seen a monkey in Masealama since, but am hopeful we will see more.  And now that I have 10 other pairs of eyes looking out for them, I think the odds are pretty good.

That afternoon, I left the tree with a smile on my face, a stiff neck and  a new nickname - Monkey Girl.   Now every time I walk past the school all the kids yell out “Monkey Girl -  Monkey Girl - Monkey Girl.”


Monkey Girl

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