Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spiders and Bats and Lizards…oh my!

Growing up with Bob Mack as a father has given me a great appreciation for the natural world around me. Much of my childhood was spent following animal tracks, catching snakes in the forest, and saving injured birds, bunnies and turtles. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that this love for nature has its boundaries and this specific boundary is my front door. I love nature in the outdoors, but when it creeps past the cement that acts as a barrier between my bed and the grass outside I will protect my territory

In the past few months I have had some fun roommates, and not of the human kind. These roomies include spiders the size of tarantulas, lizards, beetles, and bats. Part of me is convinced that God is playing a little joke on my cries of loneliness.  As much of a nuisance as these creepy crawlers have been, they have definitely provided many stories, some of which I would like to share with you.

Spiders and Beetles:
Lets just say that I find so many in my house dead and alive that I tend to just kick them under the couch and just sweep them out at the end of the week!

Bat: I am convinced that if I had a hidden camera in my house I could make money off of the ridiculous videos that they would produce. I really wish that I had a camera rolling on a specific Monday night. I was sitting on the couch writing letters when I heard a bit of a ruckus in the kitchen. I hear noises quite frequently and I wasn’t in the mood to investigate what may have been going on it there. About 3 minutes later this black blob came swooping in front of me on the couch. It flew into the wall and continued to do it over and over -smacking itself senseless. This is what I was hearing  in between my screams as I covered myself with a blanket and rocked myself in the fetal position. I had a quick flash of The Office episode where Meredith gets rabies from a bat and I found myself spending a few minutes talking to myself to build up the courage to leave. I quickly got up and ran to my neighbor’s house to see if she could help me.
We walked into my house and the first thing she grabbed was a broom. This tiny little 40-year-old woman just started swinging at this bat. Naturally the bat defensively started to fly all over the room. I hid in a corner covered in a blanket, laughing and peering out to see what was going on. This went on for about 20 minutes until she looked at me and said “Lets get the Raid. Let’s make it drunk!” Next thing I knew, the two of us were hysterically laughing as she is spraying Raid at this bat flying around the room. - Long story short, after quite a while the bat finally fell to the ground and we swept it out the door. My animal loving heart was frightened we killed this confused bat, but thankfully once it got outside it flew away. I haven’t had another bat yet (knock on wood), but I still need to patch up the hole in my kitchen ceiling where the bat crept in.

Lizards: I found a couple of these geckos in m my house and unfortunately am not 100 % positive that they have left. Let’s hope that they will not climb into my mouth like the scene in Parent Trap!
I pray that all of you are having bug and critter free homes these days!

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